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Posted by miraymart on May 17, 2008

I am Miraymart. This post satisfies assignment 1 for “Composing free and open online educational resources“, given by Wikiversity, an open learning community.  I am following the course as a self-paced student, though the first execution of the course was over a period of 9 weeks starting in March 2008.

I work in the IT services and business process outsourcing industry, though I have in the past been a full-time professional lecturer at university.  I have an interest in the transformation in education that will be wrought by the web and the changes in society resulting from globalisation.  I work in London, England, and live in the suburbs.

I will be interested to see whether the tutors who led the initial, paced, execution of the course will intervene and moderate with those  students who have registered on the Oercourse web site as self-paced, as I believe that one of the key barriers to the widespread adoption of open learning is the relatively unstructured  and informal engagement of both learners and teacher/moderators, which potentially leads to reduced commitment to the completion of learning episodes.


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